Meet the Doctors

Experience, professionalism, a love for people and a commitment to help improve the lives of their patients are what set these doctors apart. You'll love the care you receive at Woloshyn Orthodontics and the results will speak for themselves!

Dr Heather Woloshyn

Dr. Heather Woloshyn

A Love for My Patients’ Beautiful and Healthy Smiles

I have the privilege of crafting beautiful, confident smiles. I get to know my patients over the span of their treatment, often as they grow from gap-toothed elementary students into confident, mature high schoolers, and head off to college and life. It’s equally as rewarding to build relationships with my adult patients, who are finally getting the healthy, amazing smile they’ve long desired.

Orthodontics is not just about crafting incredible smiles, though. It’s about improving a person’s oral and overall health. When I gently shift misaligned teeth into proper position, I’m correcting that person’s bite. This means it’s easier for them to reach all areas of their teeth when brushing and flossing, and that means a reduced likelihood of dental disease. It also means their jaw and facial muscles are under lower stress, which prevents future pain and issues.

Dr. Eric Nordberg

Dr. Eric Nordberg

Local Technology-focused orthodontic excellence

I love to aid my patients in the discovery and development of the confidence that comes from a winning smile!  Of all the dental specialties, Orthodontics speaks to my desire to tangibly help change the lives of young growing adolescents as well as adults by building beautiful smiles.  My focus is placing teeth in the most esthetic, healthy, and beneficial position possible.  I love the strategic planning for a young child’s development or an adult’s ideal smile composition by partnering with other dentists.

My background in computer engineering (software development) adds to my passion for technology-based treatment.  My thesis in residency involved analyzing the width-changes accomplished by orthodontic treatment using the Invisalign appliance.  I was able to write custom software to complete the analysis and better inform the growing knowledge of this popular appliance.  This background gives me a passion for cutting-edge orthodontic diagnosis and treatment.